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Eyo EmployeeApp is your channel to share everything your employees need to deliver great results: Publish corporate news, pages, documents or broadcast messages directly to the smartphones of your staff.

Eyo EmployeeApp is your channel to share everything your employees need to deliver great results: Publish corporate news, broadcast messages or create pages with documents, images and text. Choose to send push notifications to make sure everyone gets the message. Create user groups to target your content. Works well with your current directory and can import content from your existing desktop intranet. No company email required.

The best way to share news and updates with your employees is articles in your EmployeeApp. They can be everything from a short notice to a long and image-rich text.

Teaser images

Articles can have a teaser image. That’s what you see at the top an article. The teaser image is displayed in the article overview on the front page, and helps you add a visual dimension to your news. If you want to share short news items it’s perfectly fine to not add a teaser image. Your EmployeeApp can handle this.

Images and attachments

You can embed images inside your articles. It’s also possible to add file attachments like .pdf or .doc. Attachments are displayed with a neat preview. A summary list at the bottom of the article shows all included attachments at once.

Slim editor

Articles are edited with a slim but functional editor. We intentionally removed unnecessary formatting options to produce a consistent layout, and to let editors focus on great content.

Articles vs pages

As new articles appear, older articles move to the bottom of the overview page and eventually move into the archive. If you want to share information which has to be available over a longer period of time, list them as a ‘check out’ page. They live in the side menu and are always visible.

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