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Fitzii is the total hiring solution that assesses all candidates early in the hiring process to identify your best candidates quickly. It uses an industry leading personality test, skills & experience matching and cultural fit analysis that will match the best candidates for your jobs.

Fitzii offers all the applicant tracking system functionality you would expect, in an easy-to-use package and includes features such as 1-click posting to multiple job boards, collaboration tools, workflow tracking, reporting and much more.

Identifying the best job applicant for an open position can be a challenge, even for the most skilled human resources professional. Fitzii has turned this process into a science, leveraging big data to pinpoint the candidates most capable of excelling in whichever positions a company is trying to fill.

A predictive applicant tracking system, Fitzii assesses all job applicants before making shortlisting decisions. With free applicant sourcing options and discounted rates with many major job boards, Fitzii is considered a top-shelf solution that companies in many different industries can use to make better, more objective, hiring decisions.

Designed to guide companies toward making smarter hiring decisions, Fitzii provides tools for finding and identifying job applicants who would be the best fit for any available position. Fitzii enables human touch, rather than replacing it entirely, by providing hiring managers with scores—called Fitzii Scores—alongside every candidate profile. Fitzii provides complete insight into where applicants would be a good fit within an organization and where they would not.

Businesses that utilize Fitzii can run an unlimited number of assessments for a fixed monthly price, rather than paying based on the number of tests needed. Fitzii’s platform also includes a drag-and-drop careers page generator, along with “objectivity mode,” which allows recruiters to disable pictures, names, dates, and locations when making shortlisting decisions. This ensures that the initial shortlisting process is free of any bias.

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