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Fliptop is a lead management software built around a customized, predictive lead scoring algorithm. The lead analysis application takes your existing prospect data and uses it to attribute scores to leads, to optimize campaigns and to carry out pipeline forecasting. Applications are custom built on top of the Fliptop Predictive Engine, a SaaS-based predictive lead scoring platform.

Fliptop starts by importing opportunity data from your CRM, the software then adds thousands of person and company attributes before creating a predictive scoring model tailored to suit your company’s lead scoring needs. The software then applies lead scores directly into your CRM and marketing automation applications through its Open API and 3rd party integrations.

Fliptop´s lead scoring application uses the Fliptop Predictive Engine to decipher which leads have the most potential, their campaign source and what action should be taken next. The software pulls data from your current CRM and marketing automation software to determine the characteristics that qualify successful opportunities for your company. The engine then applies its unique algorithm to score all the leads in your system based on the signals and data points identified.

The Fliptop lead scoring tool scores leads based on their likelihood of converting into a customer. From here, you can decide what is the best course of action to take next, whether that is to send the lead to a member of sales or to nurture the lead for more time. You can use the data to identify your best performing marketing campaigns, determining which channels to focus resources and energy into. Fliptop provides a Predictive Lead Scoring Revenue Lift Calculator on its website to determine the amount of lift in revenue the application can provide your company.

3rd Party Integrations: Integrates with Salesforce Enterprise and Performance editions, Marketo and Oracle Marketing Cloud. Fliptop also offers an open API, web-to-lead Javascript, and webhooks.

Predictive Lead Scoring: Identify which are your hottest leads, whether they should be routed directly to sales or if they should enter a nurturing campaign. Predictions are based on custom-built prediction models using your own data.

Campaign Optimization: Fliptop shows you in real-time which campaigns and sources are bringing in the highest quality leads.

Pipeline Forecasting: Fliptop scores opportunities and applies conversion probabilities to give a more accurate analysis of the health of your pipeline and realistic numbers to forecast.

Fliptop uses data science and leverages public web and internal application data to increase revenue through accurate lead analysis.

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