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FormMule is an online form builder that gives you everything you need to collect your data online, you can easily build any type of form or survey and can even accept payments. FormMule is so easy to use anyone can create amazing online forms, in just a few minutes.

FormMule really does take the donkey work out of online form building. When you build a form with FormMule we take care of the rest. You don’t need to spend time and money designing and creating databases, backend scripts or anything like that. Everything is hosted by us making your life as simple as possible.
With the tagline, “taking the donkey work out of online form-building,” FormMule creates flexible HTML forms to help website owners create surveys, collect information, and even accept payments for products or services. With a full suite of services including analytics and themed templates, FormMule can give businesses a look that fits their style for a fraction of the price of paying a professional developer.

FormMule turns form creation into a drag-and-drop process that gives users complete control over the design and functionality of their forms.
Users of FormMule can add logos, change colors, and choose fonts to match their own personal preferences. As you create additional forms, FormMule’s dashboard allows you to organize and sort the forms to more easily track new orders. Businesses can also assign multiple team members to update and design forms, assigning specific forms to individual team members and even changing the administrator of the entire team.

FormMule goes beyond simple creation and editing of forms, letting businesses receive notifications and analytics to help them monitor the status of their campaigns. Easy integration with web apps allows FormMule to easily be tied into a business’s existing infrastructure, allowing businesses to use FormMule for everything from employee timesheets to building an e-mail subscription list.
Easy form creation
FormMule’s “Create Form” page provides a page where you can easily add new form fields. To add form fields, you simply drag the specified fields on the right over to your form on the left.
Customize your forms with themes
Once you’ve created a form, you can change the look and feel of it under Form Settings-Create a Theme. You can change the form’s colors, font styles, headers, and more in this area.
Set up notifications, usage statistics and generate reports
You can also set up your notification preferences, view usage statistics, get form analytics and create reports for multiple forms for A/B testing.
Include online payment options
FormMule facilitates the easy set up of online payments. FormMule allows businesses to accept PayPal and Google Checkout through redirect, PayPal Pro and through integrated payment, and launch invoicing through FreshBooks.

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