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The Fujitsu RunMyProcess platform makes use of business process management (BPM) concepts to provide a unique mix of structured workflows, integration and agility helping customers from all around the world meet their evolving business needs. By leveraging an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop design and more than 2,400 available connectors for SaaS and other applications, as well as full integration with Google Apps, Fujitsu RunMyProcess customers can rapidly build and deploy highly customized business applications.

Our development platform focuses on providing the best tools for design, integration, deployment and implementation of processes and workflow applications. This specialisation, allows us to achieve maximum results, guaranteeing a time to market time that is 3 to 5 times quicker than other types of development or packaged softwares.
This additional agility enables modern and evolutive solutions:

Empower Goolge Apps
Google Apps are increasingly used by businesses as collaboration and document management solutions because of their low cost and efficiency. With Fujitsu RunMyProcess, you can easily develop workflow-based applications that use Google Apps to the fullest extent and meet the exact needs of your business.

Escape Lotus Notes
Looking to migrate your Lotus applications to the cloud, for example to Google Apps or Office 365, but are concerned about transitioning your workflows? With Fujitsu RunMyProcess’ intuitive design tools, it’s easy to recreate your Lotus workflows using the same approval processes and data exports, with no additional technology expertise. The migration to the cloud will bring you a global and centralised vision of your applications and lower costs with our pay-per-use model.

Simplify your ERP
Unlocking SAP with Fujitsu RunMyProcess allows you to get more out of your back office data. With the Fujitsu RunMyProcess solutions, you can automate all peripheral processes around SAP and add mobility to SAP for field forces. The Fujitsu RunMyProcess Secure Enterprise Connector (SEC) provides a secure and native access to your legacy SAP.

Integrate the cloud
Thanks to the secure and flexible cloud solutions of Fujitsu RunMyProcess, you can easily link your legacy on-premise systems to your SaaS solutions or to your partners’ information systems. Our repository of over 2,400 connectors allows you to integrate or create custom applications that integrate SaaS and on-premise applications, including Salesforce, Google, Oracle CRM On Demand and many others. Discover cloud and improve the way technology supports your business.

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