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- Last Update: online community is the easiest and most flexible way to communicate with your customers, fans, employees, franchise owners, influencers, and partners. Use’s blogging, forums, calendar, surveys, chat, member management, and advanced reporting to centralize your conversations in a space that you control. Pro is a completely hosted, feature-rich online community platform. Supported content includes blogs, forums, chat rooms and events, calendar, clips (photos, videos, music, and document sharing), and private messaging. also supports:

Groups: can be public, private or hidden. Create unlimited number of groups within the community. You control who can create groups. Each group site has its own set of content modules (blogs, forums, clips, chat, etc.) and permissions.

Widgets: for showcasing community content on the site as well as embedding content from outside the community. In addition community content widgets can be embedded on outside sites, for the ultimate in flexibility.

Automatic Comment Spam Detection/Protection

Content organization/classification via categories and tags, as well as the ability to feature content
Advanced content posting features: WYSIWYG editor, save as draft, disable comments, mark as premium, backdate, set future publication date.

Powerful content management features- content moderation rules (by keyword, member, and other parameters), censor lists, report to moderators feature.

Surveys that are embeddable, private or public, anonymous or named, multi-question, with downloadable data.

Themes for customizing look and feel, with support for custom CSS throughout the application.

Registration settings- registration moderation, CAPTCHA option, custom profile fields, email verification, and more.

Integration with Google Analytics for advanced usage tracking.

Advanced reporting option, which includes detailed member reports, content reports, and a community health report.

Advanced permissions system for controlling exactly who can do what on the site.

Premium membership system. Any feature controlled by a permission can be designated as premium and any content can also be flagged as premium.

Integration with major social networks for sign-in and/or member profile content infusion. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Foursquare, Instagram are currently supported.

Content sharing via email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Only public content can be shared (for obvious reasons).

Content notification system.

Community leader board. ranks all users based on points earned by performing certain actions on the site.

Member titles supported, as well as permission group badges.

Member notes (admin-only) for tracking issues with users over time.

Full RSS support.

Content and members can be followed.

Export member information via CSV anytime.

Mobile-friendly interface (full responsive design coming in Q1 2015).

Localization options (supports other languages).

Single Sign-On (SSO) supported.

SSL encryption available.

Documented APIs for integration.

Aside from features, Pro offers a 100% uptime guarantee within a sandboxed environment, awesome customer support (including an account manager), an emergency phone number, and a QA environment.

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