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InfoCaptor Dashboard

InfoCaptor Enterprise enables the small business owner and the startup founder to track important key metrics for their business and websites. It allows the user to build any number of dashboards and track all kinds of metrics in one single place.

InfoCaptor is the only application that includes the elements of Game design into a Business application. It makes using Dashboards absolute fun. It provides unlimited data sources and bottomless visualization options.

InfoCaptor is focused for the small business and startup owner. It is extremely innovative, powerful and absolutely free of cost and will remain that way.

Business Intelligence software is expensive but InfoCaptor aims to democratize BI by making it super easy and extremely cost effective.

InfoCaptor is simply a web based application that works on every platform [windows, linux/unix or Mac].

Your organization does not need to install any desktop licenses. The application has built in login/authentication system that integrates with your LDAP. All activity including analysing data, development of charts and publishing of the dashboard occur within the browser based interface.

Compared to other vendors, InfoCaptor is extremely affordable. It comes with built in prototyping engine for creating dashboard mockups

InfoCaptor Visual Analyzer enables you to rapidly browse datasets and spin it across variety of visualizations
No SQL knowledge necessary. No Technical skills needed.

Ad-hoc Visualization
Drag and Drop Visual Analyzer for self-service data exploration. Takes only few clicks from data to final dashboards.

Prototyping Mockups/Dashboards
Provides a prototyping and flowcharting engine for quick dashboard mockups.Free style placement of widgets.[no restrictive grids]

Projects and user groups for collaborative work.Embed dashboard or individual widgets LIVE on any web page.

Data Sources
Variety of JDBC and ODBC sources including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, DB2, Progress,Sqlite,PostgreSQL, Hadoop Hive, Cloudera Impala and HTTP API for web services

Security and Data Governance
Enterprise user access control mechanism.Integrates with LDAP or Active Directory.Public or private dashboards.

Comprehensive library from pivot tables to bars, stacks,area and scatter plots. Hierarchical visualizations such as Circle pack, Treemap, sunburst and cluster charts. Trellis and small multiples.

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