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Interneer Intellect, is a browser-based integrated suite of products comprising all components required for a comprehensive Business Process Management solution. The Interneer Intellect Platform is uniquely suited to define, configure and automate business processes and workflow in far less time and with less expense. No need for additional tools, software and integration. Interneer Intellect’s integrated environment is a “One Environment, Fits All” solution and does not require users to purchase, install, maintain, and learn multiple disparate systems. Organizations can manage all business processes and workflow from one central place, and avoid the need to have multiple teams trained and assigned to silos of BPM solutions.

An intuitive user interface portal making it easy for business, IT, analysts and end users to collaborate, execute and improve business processes.

Agile and Intuitive
Interneer Intellect On-Premise’s easy access interface makes it a snap for your IT staff to get the software up and running on your network in no time. Once it’s live, anyone at your company can use it to build, manage, or change workflows without having to write a single line of code.

Drag, Drop, and Go
Build any workflow you need by dragging and dropping. No technical background required. Remarkably simple to learn. The system is entirely template-based, so you can create your workflow process just one time and then use it indefinitely. When you process changes, just change your template.

All-in-One Business Engine
Capture data directly in the system and let the platform create your database on the fly. Build forms with just a few clicks and then immediately put them into use.

A Total View
Real-time reporting and Business Intelligence features give minute-to-minute insight into what’s working in your business and what’s not. Responsiveness and flexibility allow necessary changes on a moment’s notice.

System Integration
Easily integrates with local databases and third-party systems. Model, launch, and make changes in real time without programming.

Document Integration
Store, manage, and track documents directly in the system. Not only is it efficient, it’s green.

Security and Permission Based Access
You decide which people, positions, and groups can see and do what, when, and under which conditions.

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