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InvoiceWorks™ is designed to accommodate the needs of all your suppliers, from the small independent businessperson or contractor, to Fortune 100 companies. With InvoiceWorks™, electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) also known as AP automation, is made free and simple for your suppliers. It is the perfect solution to eliminate paper and automate payables processing.

Suppliers can enter invoices directly over the internet or can setup automated processing

Many suppliers would do almost anything for their customers, but a technical solution for electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) involving consultants is often too costly to implement. With the Online Entry feature, the supplier simply enters the invoice information and click send. Although only simple internet access is required, with no software to install, InvoiceWorks™ still provides software-quality functionality like adding infinite lines, creating a new invoice from an existing invoice, customer-specific validations (including combo edits), robust dispute resolution, attachments, full audit history, etc.

For suppliers submitting larger volumes of invoices, it may be worth the effort to create an electronic invoice file from their system to upload into InvoiceWorks™. File uploading allows a supplier to select an electronic invoice file from their computer or network for upload into InvoiceWorks™. Numerous formats are supported. Uploaded e-invoice files are checked for format and then each individual invoice is checked against the customer validations/ edits (the same as online entry).

Problem e-invoices can be corrected online rather than having to resubmit the entire electronic invoice file, making File Upload the most user-friendly way to submit validated, electronic invoice files. For the largest suppliers, Automated FTP (with encryption available) provides all the benefits of File Upload along with automated scheduling and status response capabilities. As with all of InvoiceWorks™, File Upload and Automated FTP require no additional software and are provided to our customers’ suppliers at no cost.

Vendors can search, view and check e-invoice status, disputes online.

One of the largest advantages of iPayables for a supplier is to see the status of their e-invoice throughout the entire electronic invoice process. Being able to check the status from matching and approval to payment date and reference number (check number, Card, or ACH) prevents routine phone calls to the buyer and/or the accounts payable department.

With their Invoice Status and Issue Resolution functions, suppliers can discover issues and disputes the moment they are raised, rather than finding out weeks later when they fail to receive a payment. With Issue Resolution, communication is created between the supplier and the individual responsible for the issue (denying, or changing price or quantity at invoice or line level). The issue can either be a dispute which stops processing of the e-invoice until resolved, or can be raised while leaving the e-invoice undisputed. This takes accounts payable out of the role of mediator while recording the conversations as part of the permanent invoice history.

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