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itDuzzit is a cloud application connector software that allows you to integrate apps without using any code. Avoid duplicate entry and disconnected data by automating tasks with itDuzzit. The itDuzzit Editor lets you create custom workflows for transferring data between cloud apps. itDuzzit has a large library of application connectors to choose from. Integrations and workflow process can be set up using the drag-and-drop configurator.
itDuzzit provides an application integration solution for non-technical and technical users alike. Using itDuzzit’s drag-and-drop interface users can create connections between apps without needing any coding skills. The software provides a library of pre-built connectors to over 150 cloud applications, including CRMs, project management software, invoicing apps, email, text/SMS and chat applications. You can set up data syncing between apps, as well as automated actions from apps – such as getting notifications of a payment, or auto-posting to social media.

itDuzzit allows for advanced integration rules with the capability to customize how your integration workflows are deployed. For example, you can use “if-then” logic or looping, or more advanced users can employ math and data functions, web API connectivity and read and write data structures in XML and JSON. You can deploy itDuzzit integrations in a number of ways, these include running your integration using an online form, a scheduled integration for a specific day and time, a file upload to any application or build an API integration or event listener.

Flexible Deployment Options: Choose among an online form, a scheduled job, an API or event listener, an email or a file upload.

Advanced Integrations: Duzzit Editor lets you create custom integrations such as: complex rule conditions (if-then logic), looping, text and data manipulation, math and date functions, web API connectivity, and reading and writing data structures in XML and JSON.

Transaction Activity Log: itDuzzit logs all your application integration transaction activity so you have full visibility into when and how your data was transferred between apps.

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