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iuvoDesk is a Help Desk and Social Customer Service that goes beyond the traditional customer service. iuvoDesk helps you handle your customer inquiries and comments in one location. Today’s customer has many channels to be in contact with your business and this brings opportunities for you. Managing alternative customer service channels is time consuming. iuvoDesk’s advanced features and elegant design saves you time and resources while helping you maintain high customer service levels.

iuvoDesk is a Help Desk and Social Customer Service that goes beyond the traditional customer service. iuvoDesk helps you handle your customer inquiries and comments in one location. Our customer support platform is web based and ideal for the social media age (Social CRM). Customers receive support for various channels: Phone, Chat, Email, Knowledge Base, Twitter, and Facebook in one elegant agent interface.

Providing you with a comprehensive help desk application is iuvoDesk. The online application is easy to implement, integrates with your existing CRM, and supports multiple brands and multiple channels within a single interface. Let’s make our way through the review and see how it all works.

Multiple Channels for Customer Service
Different customers prefer to contact you for help in different ways. Some might prefer email support, whereas others want to call you on the phone. The cool thing with iuvoDesk is that it supports several different help channels.

Handling Issues as an Agent
Customer service and customer help require customer service agents. So, how does iuvoDesk look from that side of the conversation?

The tabbed interface is straightforward and logical. From the main agent dashboard. you are able to see all the open tickets, including the name of the customer, the subject, the assignment, and the status. As an agent, you are then able to open the ticket, change the status, adjust the priority, and — of course — assist the customer.

As mentioned, iuvoDesk supports multiple channels and multiple brands. What this means is that you can use it to manage multiple companies all at once. You can hire a single customer service agent to handle all the help desk needs for your multiple brands, hiring more agents as these businesses continue to grow.

From the Customer Side

What about from the customer’s perspective? iuvoDesk offers a very lean interface that can then presumably be adapted to suit your particular needs.

The background is currently greyed out, because I “started” a live chat help session in the open window. The chat interface is easy enough for just about web user to understand. As expected, the main interface grants access to the various help channels, including email and Twitter. This is simple, straightforward, and effective.

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