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Kiln hosted Git & Mercurial source code management for businesses – manage repositories, permissions & code reviews – by Fog Creek Software.
Kiln’s developer-friendly code reviews make it easy to get feedback, mentor team members, and quickly improve the quality of your software.
Kiln helps your team track progress and reach goals. View activity and history at a glance with Kiln’s electric DAG and activity feed.
Kiln gives you the tools you need to manage complex codebases and large teams. Always know where your code lives, and who has access to what.
Help your development team collaborate.
Kiln helps developers work together. Kiln provides the tools you need to ensure that developers can stay productive and communicate about your code – within the code itself. Simple navigation through the changes in your project’s code helps developers understand and manage changes.
Branch, clone, push, or pull with a simple click.
Branch and merge with ease.
Distributed version control systems (DVCSs) like Git make branching and merging practically painless. Your developers can make changes to the code — wherever they need to — and merge back changes in a sane way. Kiln makes it easy to get started with distributed version control.
Avoid code merging nightmares — with Git, Mercurial and Kiln.
You can keep your code secure — with Kiln.
Kiln provides repository access via either SSH or HTTPS to help keep your pushes private.
Permissions management helps ensure that repositories and code stays secure and accessible to authorized team members only. Kiln makes it easy to manage your repository permissions at the group and user level. Use repository permissions to prevent premature release of changes that are not quite ready.
From secure protocols to permission management, Kiln helps you keep your code secure.
FogBugz Integration: two products, one work flow
Kiln’s tight integration with FogBugz and smooth work flow enables your developers to communicate code changes to the larger team easily. Kiln and FogBugz enables a seamless process from initial bug report — through bug fix, code release, and status communication.
Never ask for a bug report status again — with Kiln and FogBugz working together with your team.

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