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Knowledge Vault is a cloud-based analytics, auditing, reporting and management platform for organizations that are looking for an easy and affordable way to optimize and secure their Microsoft Office 365 application suite and popular cloud-based storage systems.

Knowledge Vault provides discovery, auditing, analytics and management in an advanced and cost-effective solution that enables cloud administrators and IT managers to obtain valuable information about all aspects of their cloud-based mail and storage systems. The Knowledge Vault platform empowers Microsoft partners to manage their client environments through a single online service, and gives IT administrators the visibility and control they need over Microsoft Office 365.

Automate compliance reviews for Office 365 by enabling fine grained auditing and reporting across all sensitive configuration changes and activities
Tighten security with proactive insight into permission and other security-related changes and activities
Detect data breeches or misuse by examining login behaviors, uncovering suspect activities such as including non-owner access, or detecting inappropriate system changes
Reduce complexity and cost using comprehensive management actions
Optimize usage of services and license management
Oversee and manage Exchange 365 migration projects
Provide business owners the information they need to optimize decision making and ensure project success

Microsoft Office 365 Analytics
Comprehensive reporting and analytics on usage, compliance, chargeback and optimization across cloud based messaging and EFSS. Use our built-in analytic library or perform your own analysis and create reports, pivot views and charts to answers to support your business needs.

Microsoft Office 365 Auditing
Centrally audit cloud content for proper use to enforce internal and external compliance and security requirements. Centrally monitor content flow for compliance and leakage with exception based alerting and response.

Microsoft Office 365 Reporting
From simple usage reporting to proactive alerting on data leakage and misuse, administrators can tailor the solution to fit their specific needs without the need to deploy or manage any on-premise software. Interact with our powerful reporting web-based reporting portal, or automatically distribute reports to managers, security, auditors and operations using our flexible scheduling wizards.

Microsoft Office 365 Licensing
Gain insight into your Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Track license trends. Uncover unused licenses and recapture costs. Report overall subscription breakdowns and costs to business managers.

Platform Overview
Knowledge Vault partners with Microsoft and leverages the latest technologies including Microsoft Azure, Hadoop, HTML 5.0, and advanced data modeling to provide the most powerful analytic platform available for your unstructured data spanning Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and other enterprise file sharing solutions including Dropbox and Box.

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