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Kognitio Cloud provides your organization with the opportunity to benefit from the world’s fastest and most scalable analytical platform on a subscription basis. Whether you want to benefit from the total flexibility of the public cloud or the uncompromising performance and security of our exclusive private cloud, Kognitio Cloud can match your requirements.

Kognitio Cloud makes it easier than ever to get started. Every business can benefit from fast, relevant insights on data about their clients, partners and market environment.

Kognitio Cloud is ideal for complex analytical data projects, requiring up to 80% less administration, support and tuning for unprecedented performance

Kognitio Cloud has been designed to enable businesses to make decisions from new and evolving analysis requirements. Whether it is from internet, third party data, CRMs or other application systems, the platform can ingest data with any structure and immediately begin data analysis.

A Robust And Reliable In-Memory Analytical Platform

Kognitio Cloud gives you the ability to access and analyze detailed business data without the need to design, build, deploy and run your own business intelligence system. Robust analytical capability with minimal administration is readily available – at a price you can afford, without the capital expense related to IT resources and systems.

Organizations have leveraged Kognitio Cloud, a ready-to-use analytical platform service, to gain fast and detailed analysis of data; on their business terms and within their operating expense budget.

Kognitio Cloud harnesses the power and flexibility of Kognitio’s fast, scalable database that is specifically designed for data analytics.

Clients globally use Kognitio Cloud for a wide range of data analytics projects; buying the capacity they need and paying for it on a monthly basis. They don’t worry about the overheads of implementing an on-premise data warehouse, or the cost of assembling an IT team to service, maintain and support the database and its business users.

The Advantages Of Kognitio Cloud:
Lower costs
Fast execution of analysis projects
Focus on innovation, not infrastructure
World-class security
Environment for design and development

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