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LiveHive Sales Analytics

LiveHive provides “behind-the-scenes” insights into a prospect’s interest based on their engagement with digital sales content.

LiveHive is the most comprehensive sales engagement platform that provides the deepest, real-time insights into a prospect’s interest based on their engagement with digital sales content. LiveHive’s powerful content-sharing capabilities and analytics enable sales reps to gain ‘behind-the-scenes’ insights for competitive advantage. By quickly identifying all stakeholders in the buying process and accurately ranking top prospects, sales teams can focus their attention on the most qualified deals.

LiveHive reveals prospect buying patterns with instant alerts that show when documents are viewed and downloaded; which pages are viewed and for how long; and profile data for recipients of shared documents. LiveHive also allows users to instantly update or terminate access to documents even after sending as attachments.

LiveHive delivers all functionality for any digital content, including emails and links, MS Office documents and pdfs. Seamlessly integrated with Act-On marketing software, emails, and synchronized with, LiveHive ensures that marketing and sales teams have the most unified and up-to-date customer profile available, easily accessed and used from within the apps they use every day.

LiveHive’s powerful analytics give sales professionals the deepest visibility into how prospects are engaging with their digital content. LiveHive is the only sales engagement platform that provides behind-the-scenes insights to quickly identify all stakeholders involved in the buying process.
Auto-ranks your top prospects
Provides profiles for recipients of forwarded documents
Provides page-by-page metrics to understand what your prospect is interested in
Access Salesforce email templates from email client
Share any type of Microsoft documents and pdf

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