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Web-based Sales and Inventory Management for the Small and Medium Business – all bundled in a usable and cost-effective solution.

Manage Goods Inbound, Outbound and Transfers, create Sales Quotes, Sales, Purchase and Work Orders in multiple locations in a fully web based, multi-user environment.

To benefit from megaventory you must work with a business that stores or distributes an inventory of physical products. With megaventory you can:
Send Sales Quotes to clients and start the pre-sale process
Get Sales Orders from clients to start the sales process
Send Purchase Orders to suppliers to start the purchasing process
Create Goods In/Out/Transfer documents to move goods
Issue Sales & Purchase Invoices and report on costs and profits
Create Bills of Materials and manufacture Finished Goods from raw materials

With you will be able to manage the flow of products in your inventory, log purchase and sales orders, issue invoices, manage work orders to manufacture finished goods and create sophisticated inventory reports. While you may hesitate to leave your familiar world of desktop software, the benefits offered by Megaventory such as secure storage, information sharing, multiuser environment and data accessibility make managing your inventory an easy task. Megaventory requires internet access, runs in your web browser just like a typical web site (,, etc.) and can be accessed from any computer, PC or Mac or even a mobile device such as the iphone™. Just open a Megaventory account and start running your business using a very simple and user-friendly interface!
How safe are my data in Megaventory?
We do every effort to keep your data safe and running at all times. Our systems are backed-up on independent local and external storage devices based on two recursive schemes (daily and weekly) and disks run in RAID-1 (mirror) configuration to guarantee immediate redundancy. On top of that we use state-of-the-art Solid State Drives (SSD) drives to achieve near-zero response times. The safety and privacy of your data is our number one priority. To add security to the communication channel, website is certified by RapidSSL™ and offers a secure SSL connection option so that your user credentials and business data are safely encrypted.

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