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O2B’s subscription billing features include management of Subscriber usage rating, recurring charges, flat and/or tiered plans,one-time charges, rental items, and more. Service providers can bundle rates, services, and items into Service Plans. Any number of discounting methods can be applied at the service plan, individual service component levels, or by specific clients.

Any type of usage data can be captured and rated. All calculations are passed directly into the invoicing engine making the challenge of a billing cycle a thing of the past. Automated usage tracking allows providers to focus on products and services and not waste time on subscription billing issues. User can request adjustments, raise disputes, track service cases, or question a bill in a transparent customer portal format.

Invoices show the details of different charges, line items, and fees. Payments can be collected in any calendar structure allowing subscribers to work with the service providers in a way that is conducive to their financial model. Single payments, multiple installments, Principle and Interest type, or bulk purchasing with draw down are all easily formated in O2B. User can request adjustments, raise disputes, track service cases, or question a bill in a transparent customer portal format. New service employees are able to see the data they need to escalate a case or request advanced resolution support without being tripped up by complex methodology. Invoices can be auto-generated based on combinations of postpaid, prepaid, purchases, or rentals.

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