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Panda Cloud Office Protection is cloud-based antivirus and endpoint protection that helps you forget security headaches – complexity, overhead, and threats. No servers needed – deploy and manage corporate antivirus and endpoint protection from anywhere via a web browser. Eliminate antivirus software-related system slowdowns.

Combine security from the cloud with traditional endpoint security to protect against the latest and most dangerous threats faster.

Maximum protection
Against known, unknown and hidden threats (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits, phishing), including protection for files and emails, HTTP/FTP downloads and instant messaging.

Minimizes operating costs
No need for investment in infrastructure. Security can be delegated to specialized service providers.

Minimal resource consumption
Panda Cloud Office Protection is the lightest solution in its category; as it is a security service hosted in Panda Security’s infrastructure, it significantly reduces resource consumption while guaranteeing optimum protection.

Easy for end users
The Web console allows the protection of PCs, laptops and servers to be managed centrally, even for mobile users or branch offices.

Reduces management tasks
Updates and upgrades are automatic and can be shared across networked computers, which reduces the time spent managing security and the bandwidth consumed, thereby optimizing companies’ time and resources.

Compliance with security regulations
The Web console offers real-time information about the protection status and detection activity on the network. In-depth malware audits with detailed reports can be scheduled to run periodically on the network.

Ensures business continuity
A hosted service with high availability, 24/7 support, and always up-to-date with the latest versions of technologies and signature files.

Prevents identity theft
Malware audits included in Panda Cloud Office Protection identify hidden malware that could be stealing sensitive information from companies.

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