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PaperTrail is an efficient log management tool that lets you monitor changes to your data and ideal for auditing or versioning. With this tool, you can see how a model looked at any stage in its lifecycle then revert it to any version, and even restore it after it has been destroyed.

PaperTrail also lets you monitor customer problems, error messages, app requests, slow DB queries, configuration changes, among many others. What it does is store every create, update and destroy. However, it does not store updates which are not modified.

This also tool allows you to specify attributes (by inclusion or exclusion) which must change for a Version to be stored. It lets you to get at every version, including the original, even those that have been destroyed and to get at the version as of a particular time. No configuration is necessary.

PaperTrail stores everything in a single database table by default but you can always use separate tables for separate models.

A free plan is available but if your needs grow, you can opt for the six paid plans that costs from as little as $7 per month.


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