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Quantcast is an audience measurement software that offers data analytics to better understand your website traffic. The app pulls data from over 100 million web and mobile platforms to provide reports on audience demographics and geographic data. Quantcast also provides insights into competitor websites that your audience visit.

You can use Quantcast to improve your targeted ad campaigns through customer segment insights that include various demographic data, as well as interest profiles by content viewed. The app also provides analysis of return-usage across multiple platforms. You can also compare your site’s activity against that of your competition.

Quantcast offers a range of analytics and data mining tools to better understand the behavior of your audiences across devices and platforms, including both web and mobile. The app comes in two parts, Quantcast Measure and Quantcast Advertise, the former is provided for free and offers complete audience demographic and geographic profiles for your websites and mobile apps, as well as your competition’s. Quantcast Advertise is a paid-for solution that uses data from Quantcast Measure to provide predictive intelligence pertaining to customer journeys and paths.

Quantcast Measure allows you to see details such as the number of mobile app users, visits and page views for a specific period of time. You can see the audience demographic broken down by gender, age, number of children, income, education, ethnicity, political affiliation and political engagement. You can also see audience interests, other sites your audience visit, and sources of audience traffic. Further audience insights include the return usage of logged in users, app installs & upgrades, and user retention. All data garnered by Quantcast about your web sites and apps can be published live on the Quantcast platform to showcase to advertisers and partners.

Demographic Analysis: See detailed demographic and geographic data on who is using your app and website. See data such as interests, age, location, company, features they use, and more.

Quantcast’s Compare Tool: This allows you to measure your site activity against that of your competition. Measure multiple competitor sites against your own.

Return Usage Feature: Understand the behavioral flow of your audience across your various platforms, including website, mobile sites and apps.

Top devices: Quantcast shows you the top device models, carriers, connection types and Operating Systems across all apps and versions for the last 30 days.

See Installs & Upgrades: See all adoption of installs and upgrades, along with the distribution of your users across versions to measure the impact of feature changes.

Publish Audience Data: Produce audience demographics for content, sections of content, and other custom audience segments. Deliver post-campaign audience reports to advertisers.

Quantcast Advertise for Marketers: This additional product offers predictive intelligence based on audience data to predict the audience path, so as to influence customer journeys and gain new customers through intelligent targeting and re-targeting.

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