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RapidMiner is a data analytics solution that offers a range of products to mine data, understand it and use it to predict outcomes. The applications is designed for data scientists and business analysts to design their data analysis processes without the need for code. RapidMiner works in any environment and with any data source, and allows you to deploy your data models on any enterprise hardware.

RapidMiner offers a suite of products that allow data analysts to build new data mining processes, set up predictive analysis, and more. The list of products include: RapidMiner Studio, RapidMiner Server, RapidMiner Radoop, and RapidMiner Streams. The RapidMiner Studio uses a drag & drop graphical interface to design analysis processes. The open APIs let you integrate your current, specialized algorithms. The Studio offers a library of templates, batch processing, multiple data visualizations and automated charts letting you run more than 1500 operations on all major platforms, sources and systems.

RapidMiner Server lest you run process on enterprise hardware from any device, without limitations. The server can be used to schedule and run analysis and get real-time results. The Server integrates with all your data sources and lets you add your own algorithms for complete, comprehensive data mining. The interactive dashboards provided on the RapidMiner Server shared repositories lets you access, monitor and share information as well as assign tasks.

RapidMiner Radoop provides a platform for Big Data processing, including analysis and predictions. Radoop offers a visual interface for Big Data ETL, analytics, ad-hoc reporting, predictive modeling and visualization. Radoop offers doxens of operators for Big Data import-export, data transformations, data cleansing, aggregations, joins and predictive modeling. RapidMiner Streams lets you design stream processing applications without code. You can deploy streaming analytics onto distributed Apache Storm clusters for data blending and model scoring on streaming data.

Multiple data management methods: data loading, data transformation, data modeling, and data visualization methods

Works with multiple data sources: Excel, Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, Sybase, Ingres, MySQL, Postgres, SPSS, dBase, Text files, and more

Brand-new templates: Including churn reduction, sentiment analysis, predictive maintenance and direct marketing

Runs on every major platform and operating system

Run more than 1500 operations. From data partitioning, to market-based analysis, to attribute generation.

RapidMiner Radoop can connect to many different Hadoop clusters: Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH), the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Apache Hadoop with Hive, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, MapR Hadoop, and DataStax Enterprise

Data Storage: Store streaming data and the results of your analytics to numerous databases including Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Apache Solr and others.

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