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Remotia’s web-based Accounting module is a revolutionary platform that provides you with built-in templates to help users and companies manage financial details accurately with ease. Easily record day-to-day sales, deliveries and flag payables with description fields and attachment options. Receipts, invoices, sales orders and job orders are tracked accordingly to make accounting as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Simply enter the amount and schedule, the system takes cares of the rest.

Add suppliers:

Add supplier information on-the-fly and get a complete view of existing contacts. To view more details about a preferred supplier, click on the name of the company and see all email, contact information, previous orders and invoices, quotes etc.

Add suppliers invoice:

Record an invoice received from suppliers by using a Remotia built-in template or uploading a new one to the system. Follow the billing instructions until the invoice is paid and recorded as cleared.

Browse suppliers invoices:

Keep track of all received supplier invoices with the color-coding feature of the system. The color can be used to tag which ones have been paid or are still pending.

ERP search amount:

Users can search a specific invoice just by entering an amount on the Search tab from the list of invoices.

Comprehensive reporting system:

Creating and sharing reports have never been easier. Select the report for transmittal just by clicking the file and be able to print directly from the page.

Supplier invoice list:

There is comprehensive supplier invoice list view that helps users to sort out from among the existing roster which specific ones the user wants to view.

Supplier representative registration:

Enrol and input a new supplier or another representative within the same company. Encode correct fields in the system and press save to complete registration process.


Users can categorize specific vouchers with the use of color-coding scheme options available.

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