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Resource Guru

Resource Guru is a cloud-based team calendar. It’s the simple way to schedule people, equipment and other resources online. With a user-friendly drag and drop interface and a powerful set of features Resource Guru helps companies become more efficient and profitable and is getting a great response from the creative agency world and beyond.

Thousands of companies around the world use team scheduling systems that don’t satisfy their needs. While some are using nothing more sophisticated than a spreadsheet many others are using bloated, clunky or expensive solutions – frequently leading to inefficiency and frustration. Resource Guru provides a user-friendly, cloud-based alternative with an easy drag and drop interface that is leading the way to increased productivity and better collaboration online at companies including Saatchi & Saatchi, ASOS, Intel and Vodafone.

Resource Guru manages to pack in a powerful set of features into a simple, intuitive design. You can add, move and delete resource bookings in seconds. Full team visibility on one smart calendar means you can instantly see what everyone is working on. Personal dashboards are an easy way for people to quickly log in and know exactly what they should be working on for the week, and as there is no software to install or training required you and your team can get started immediately.

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