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Retail Advantage provides effective and informative KPI analysis using versatile tailored dashboards. Intelligent analytics assist you to achieve an in-depth understanding of how your business is performing in real-time and the best paths to improving performance levels.

Take your data to the next level. Let trends in your business information reveal themselves. With Retail Advantage, your data speaks volumes and highlights what you might have otherwise missed.

Let the intelligent visuals at the heart of Retail Advantage assist in your daily planning. Use versatile tools to help you to improve the performance of assets and managed retail operations from a truly strategic viewpoint.

Access anywhere via PC, mobile and tablet. Streamline laborious manual collection by enabling stores to submit data on-location.

Ensure quality of data through digital-validation and auditable system-assisted input, removing the requirement for complex spread sheets.

Automatically import data from footfall counters and other data feeds, releasing your time to the benefit of strategic planning and implementation.

With charts, graphs, tables and heat-maps, analysis of data using Retail Advantage becomes infinitely more accessible assisting with targeted methods to increase sales and traffic.

Assess performance levels at a glance and act accordingly. Keep abreast of changes as they happen.

Discover return on investment from promotional and marketing initiatives using live data.

Share documentation and notices with store staff and colleagues to maximise performance.

Use secure channels to get announcements and important information where it needs to be fast across your entire organisation.

Engage and engender closer working relationships, creating a community working toward profitability and success.

Access Via Mobile Devices

When called away to a meeting or other scheduled event you still want to keep tabs on your retail business situation. Retail Advantage is designed to be accessed easily from mobile devices ensuring that you are aware of any changes in retail performance whilst on the move.

Retail Analytics Software

Visualise and drill into performance data relevant to your business. Provide accurate and strategic summaries of critical information vital to optimal operational performance.

Secure Global Access

Retail Advantage provides access to your data from any location making analysis effortless. You are able to easily access key performance data analytics wherever you are with enhanced security measures built-in. All data is backed up and secured via the strictest datacentre practices. Secure centralised storage offers increased performance and efficiency due to the power and speed of Retail Advantage servers.

Aggregate Data feeds

Automatically pull in data from numerous sources to provide instant and detailed analysis of retail KPIs such as footfall or POS. Export data to pdf, MS Office or other formats for presentations or collaboration. Combine different sets of data previously available only in one application to provide an enlightening view of factors contributing to sales growth or practices which may boost one area of your business, but have a detrimental effect on other areas.

Retail Advantage is the perfect tool for the comprehensive analysis of financial and performance data across retail groups, shopping centres, outlets, retail parks and other managed retail locations.

Providing continuous, real-time analysis and KPI focussed reporting Retail Advantage gives you key data analysis tools and smart visualisations to take your business to the next level.

The retail performance management tools in Retail Advantage give you insight into how money is being spent and a strategic view on how this can be improved. Take the stress out of reporting and release time with 1-click analysis and highly versatile reporting tools.

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