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Lattice salesPRISM helps your sales reps predict and close their next customer.
With salesPRISM you can literally revolutionize your sales and marketing with BIG DATA and develop the most informed professionals who can engage the most receptive customers in the most compelling ways.
salesPRISM allows you to generate more pipeline opportunities and close more deals.

Lattice tells reps which product(s) they are likely to buy, provides key insights into the company, and provides talking points that will best resonate with customers. It allows sales people to prioritize their best prospects and frees their time to focus only their best opportunities to close bigger deals faster.

Lattice for Sales uses sophisticated machine learning technology to score accounts on how likely they are to buy so sales reps know exactly how likely each of their leads is to close. It can also tell them exactly which products or services their customers are most likely to need and even informs them of the potential revenue opportunity for each. It also assembles all the information a sales rep needs in a single place directly within Oracle Fusion CRM, so a rep can have a complete 360 degree view of their leads right in the tools they already use every day.

Your sales and marketing teams can focus on the best accounts to target right now based on:
Likelihood of customer acquisition
Estimated deal value
Product(s) likely to be purchased
Talking points, or “sales plays” likely to resonate

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