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Salesvue is a sales management software and sales tracking software designed to integrate with Salesforce, which in turn automatically syncs your customer data for Salesvue to provide real-time charts and graphs based on your customers’ sales success. Salesvue provides indepth reports based on data range, teams, users, entity types, plans, task types, result sets, opportunities and more.

The Salesvue CRM platform ensures you are kept fully up to date with reports and graphs by seamlessly integrating with your Salesforce account. You can choose what data and information you would like your Salesvue application to display from your Salesforce plan and also create bespoke data sheets and findings based on your needs. All Salesvue data can then be exported and downloaded for further assessment or fed into graphs and charts.

Salesvue gives you the option to straight up dial and reach out to prospects and clients via your dashboard and Salesvue comes with an ROI calculator which is free to use.

Based on your Salesvue package you will be allowed a certain level of technical support, from email (ticketing) to telephone.

Transparent data and sales techniques – Lead management, lead nurturing, sales automation, sales enablement, sales productivity. Salesvue is fully synced with your Salesforce platform giving you on-time transparent sales data and allows you to carry out sales campaigns and monitoring.

CRM analytics and Real-time reports – Salesvue presents you with a complete in depth insight into your customer relationship management’s success and sales performances. These finds can be exported to customized charts and graphs as well as downloaded to PDF or stored for historical purposes.

Create customer notes and Client prospecting – Notes and entries that are created in Salesvue are synced with your Salesforce account, eradicating the need for double data entry. Salesvue lets you evaluate client leads and opportunities with accurate reports giving you more freedom for client prospecting.

Online support and guidance, demo – Based on your selected Salesvue package you will be allowed different levels of support, from email to telephone. Online Salesvue video tutorials and demos are in place to assist you further from the initial inception to ongoing enquiries.

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