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Semantria is a text analytics and sentiment analysis app that interprets social media engagement and other customer interactions. The app pulls data from tweets and Facebook posts, as well as survey results, reviews and other business content to identify trends and provide deeper customer insight.

Semantria can be used in an Open API format, as well as Excel. Whether deployed in the cloud, or in Excel, the app offers thousands of data translations of text in multiple languages.

Semantria offers text and sentiment analysis for all your social media and other enterprise content to categorize, extract data and decipher analysis. You can use the app on both Excel as well as through the cloud. The Excel version extracts entities automatically from your data such as company names and job titles. The app analyzes text in 9 different languages and all of its features, including extraction and categorization, can be be customized to meet your industry-specific vocabulary.

Semantria’s Discovery tool builds clusters of metadata from multiple documents, using a combination of categories, entities, themes, and sentiment, to create an overview of your content. You can also use Excel visualization tools to turn your analytics into graphs and charts. The sentiment analysis tools allow you to discover the positive, negative or neutral sentiment of text on different levels – analyzing the entire piece of text, or just a few words or phrases.

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