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Survey Anyplace enables anybody to create appealing surveys for tablets and smartphones.
Unlike other online survey tools, Survey Anyplace is ‘made for mobile’: survey respondents swipe through the questions and tap on the answer they want to select. Applying your own branding has never been easier: upload your logo and the color scheme of the survey/quiz is automatically adapted to your branding!
Survey Anyplace makes response rates go up, and helps companies tune their offerings to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

Create Survey/Quiz

Sign up and log into Survey Anyplace. Creating a mobile survey or quiz in the Editor is easy:

Choose a name and title
Enter the questions and answer options – multiple question types are supported. You can also add images or videos to your survey questions for added interest.
Create your design by uploading a logo file. The design scheme is automatically adapted, though you can change the colors as you like. This is also where you insert any custom background and icon pictures.
Write your intro and outro texts, and translate the field labels into other languages if desired.

Invite respondents & Collect responses

You can invite respondents to take your mobile survey or quiz a few different ways:

Invite people to take the survey or quiz using your device(s). Just add the survey/quiz icon to the home screen of the device(s), which can be smartphones or tablets, to enable direct and full-screen access.
Invite people to take the survey or quiz on their own devices. Publish or display the QR Code and an Installation Link in the vicinity or on a site where people are experiencing the product or service.
Or you can combine both approaches. For example you could offer tablets to audience members without smartphones.
Respondent info including name, e-mail address, etc., and survey or quiz responses are received through mobile devices and sent to a secure Survey Anyplace web app for easy access.

The tool runs on all types of mobile devices. There is even a special version with slightly reduced functionality for older, non-touch phone types.

Off-line operation is supported on Apple iOS and Android, except for video and audio. Respondents need to be connected to the internet to stream.

Analyze results

The result dashboard provides an overview of your respondents as well as the response distribution and data for each question.
While new responses come in, the updated survey or quiz results can always be visualized in real-time.
The result graphs and reports are formatted for easy copy and paste into documents and presentations like Powerpoint, Word, and more.
You can also download the results in .pdf or .csv format for import into Excel or another program for further analysis.

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