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Tender Support is a customer support service that boasts several features.

A public forum is in place allowing you to offer a public space where your users can discuss common issues and get feedback. Certain categories can be kept private (billing, orders, etc).

Tender Support also has Echo Templates to help you repeat answers to frequently asked questions. You can create frequently re-used answers from scratch, or use one of the tool’s existing support masterpieces. Echo Templates are a time saver that lets you give answers with a personal touch.

With the Assignment feature, you can assign any discussion to a specific team member and can also have that discussion in one ore more queues. Assignment is not visible to end-users but only your support staff.

Tender can remind you when a discussion has not received a reply in a month, a week, a day, or even an hour. Track and view incoming discussions by week, month or year. View the data for every discussion including response
time, responder name, and resolution time.

All customers can be filtered as well and you can set up special limited access to articles, discussions, and even make sure that your most important users get priority attention in your inbox.


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