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ETAdirect by TOA Technologies Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for field management provide mobile workforce management tools that integrate with your existing systems to deploy workers faster and provide better customer service. ETAdirect is a suite of solutions that automate the field service and mobile workforce management tasks, such as real-time business visualization with Gannt chart workflows, predictive statistics, color-coded drag and drop job scheduling, key performance metrics and reports.

The app is accessible from any device and provides access to critical data offline when you have no connection as information is automatically cached in the browser. The SmartMobility module allows you to scan barcodes for inventory tracking, capture signatures on touch-screen devices, photo documenting and time-based routing.

One screen view of all field operations in real-time. Modules include SmartManage for real-time visibilty and hard data into field service operations. SmartMobility to syn field and dispatch information to track inventory and job related information from any device and at any time, online or offline. SmartRouting to create schedules and arrival times based on previous time factors and a unique algorithm. SmartCapacity to accurately to job duration times based on historical data. SmartCollaboration for team communication over text and online, offering multi-party chats, one-to-one instant messaging and file sharing. SmartCommunication for proving customer service and satisfaction with notifications, reminders, and post-appointment surveys. SmartLocation for safety and accountability of activities and updates on route changes and equipment sharing.

ETAdirect’s SmartRouting assigns employees based on the business rules you define, such as emplyee skill set, proximity, and training.

SmartRouting uses employee-specific historical travel times and job duration to calculate arrival times and produce schedules with added accuracy. It calculates millions of possible combinations of employees, jobs and routes based on a patented algorithm enabling to route 10,000 appointments in just 4 minutes.

SmartCapacity lets you allocate and re-allocate staff and resources to meet changing conditions. The patented pattern-recognition technology measures the time that individual employees actually take to perform specific tasks and runs this information through its predictive analytics engine to project workforce availability.

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