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Tradeshift is a supplier management and invoicing platform that harnesses you the power of your network to create new value from old processes like invoicing, payments and workflow.

The entire Tradeshift platform is transparent and completely compatible with mobile applications – allowing you to view reports and statistics whilst on the go.

Tradeshift is a global business-to-business platform that helps companies run more efficiently, using cloud-based technology to improve processes like invoicing, workflow and supplier financing.

Tradeshift brings all companies, big and small, together to transact, connect and collaborate with each other.

For suppliers, they deliver free electronic invoicing, enabling faster payments and predictable cash flow. For enterprises, we empower them to work more easily and productively with their entire supply chain, anywhere in the world.

Tradeshift has added a new dimension to its e-invoicing platform with a service for collaborating on tasks and automating workflows.The new service allows a customer to add multiple accounts so anyone can manage a document that enters the workflow. Each person has an employee card that puts a face to the name. People work in a river of news “activity stream,” feed so people can see the work around the document in question. The real-time exchange knows where to route documents in the workflow. Customers can augment the platform by adding their own processes.The real-time exchange knows where to route documents in the workflow.

Customers can augment the platform by adding their own processes. The Tradeshift service is designed to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks so people are free to work on business issues that require more thinking.

Tradeshift is a departure for people who have become accustomed to working on electronic data interchange (EDI) systems developed in the enterprise IT age of the 1990s. These systems were designed to provide codes to documents that computers could understand. EDI is primarily meant for large companies, processing tens of thousands of orders. But people still need to manage these systems. That often has meant working with little if any interaction between people. The new service from Tradeshift takes that process and gives it a modern look, typical of new services that add a degree of collaboration to the workflow.

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