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Transera is a business analytics and predictive analytics software that gives you real-time engaging customer insights and demographics. Transera maps your customer engagement data and presents the most relevant information in manageable spreadsheets and graphs. These Transera findings can be displayed in customized view and exported to Excel or downloaded.

Transera keeps a full historic view of all clients to help you manage success over long periods of time and tracks all steps of their purchase process. Transera is fully controlled via one centralized dashboard, that can be shared amongst staff, and is web based and subject to regular backups.

The Transera sales enablement software offers you complete flexibility when assessing your CRM by creating customized dashboards and reporting features – allowing you to identify profitable segments as well as assess underperforming profile. Transera also lets you manage the success of certain departments and account manages based on these performances.

All Transera data is presented in real-time and in easy to digest formats, meaning you are not faced with page long spreadsheets with 1000’s of entries. Transera also comes in a demo version, available upon request, as well as an array of video tutorials, testimonials, whitepapers and online/offline support – based on your Transera license.

Customer engagement repository and Customer interaction records – Transera gives you valuable insights into both historical and real-time customer data records. These records enable you to measure engagement levels and let you view a detailed client profile history with the option of downloading data individually or by segment.

Easy data ingestion and Extensible data model – Transera ensures you only view the data that is most important to you and that you do not become overwhelmed with big data. Transera compiles data feeds and presents them in manageable graphs and charts for further assessment.

Segmentation, profiling and Impacts on business outcomes – By logging into the Transera centralized dashboard you have the ability to view your entire CRM by segments, demographics, certain profile types and more – as well as measure the success of the employees handling certain accounts. By measure this success, Transera lets you assess the potential outcomes specific sales processes have on further business development.

Plans, packages, resources and support – Transera offer an array of bespoke and scalable plans based on your enterprise’s needs. There are numerous video tutorials and testimonial videos available online that will help you implement the Transera software and online support is also available should you ever run into any issues trying to achieve this.

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