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Webreep is a website customer feedback tool that monitors the quality of a website, detects dissatisfaction, and tells the website owner what is causing the dissatisfaction (so they can fix it). The tool also tells the website owner how to increase loyalty and word-of-mouth.

The problem Webreep solves for Digital Agencies, and consultants, is convincing clients that their website needs improvement. Webreep provides valid, objective 3rd party data from the client’s customers that can be used to accurately identify how to improve a website (commercial or otherwise). DGM digital, a well known digital agency in Sydney, have been trialling Webreep since February for exactly this purpose. So far, the results have been extremely positive.

Webreep is a website visitor feedback tool that enables you to compare the quality of key website elements to industry benchmarks. The tool lets you know which parts of your website are causing dissatisfaction, which parts you need to improve, and how you compare on each website quality element to other websites in the same business category. The problem Webreep solves is not knowing why your customers are dissatisfied. Less than 5% of dissatisfied customers speak-up when they are dissatisfied, they simply tell a few friends about their experience then defect to a competitor. But if you ask customers about their experience, 95% of them will be honest and tell you if something is bugging them, and better yet what you can do to improve. Customers want you to treat them better, and they are very grateful when you ask them how. Webreep simply asks website visitors about their experience on your website, and shows you which elements you should improve to increase satisfaction

Webreep is based on academic research known as ‘The Webreep Model.’ Basically the Webreep Model is a collection of interrelated elements of website quality that are known to directly influence satisfaction, loyalty, and likelihood of referral. You can use the default questions that measure these elements, or configure your own questions, or use some sort of combination. Webreep also has an open ended question so visitors can type their comments under given categories. The dashboard has a fully functioning email system to manage open ended feedback.

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