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Workface chat is the biggest innovation in chat since chat was invented. We’ve taken the nameless, faceless call center process out of chat by enabling your website visitors and customer to communicate directly with your agents. In addition, we’ve made this same incredible technology easy to integrate not only on your website, but also Facebook, digital documents, email, advertising, and beyond.

Dedicated to the Marketing of You

Simple Idea, Big Impact. Workface is a privately held, venture-backed software firm based in Minneapolis, MN. The company was founded in 2006 on the simple idea of better connecting business professionals on the Internet.

Workface is an online chat service that enables sales agents and professionals to create brand awareness and visibility, generate more business leads, and build relationships with new customers. It’s a marketing platform for networking and communicating face-to-face with customers on the Internet. Workface has been designed to provide an alternative to nameless/faceless call-center-based chat software. Our believe is that customers don’t like sitting in queues. With Workface, we help you empower your visitors and customers to find a real, live, authentic person every time the customer visits.

Workface makes it incredibly fast and easy to start engaging your customer on the web. Whether you’re looking to talk with more of your website visitors, close more deals, provide a better visitor experience, or chat with prospective customers on other websites (such as Facebook), Workface is the easiest and most authentic way to greet customers at your digital front door.

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