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Zengine empowers anyone to build custom business applications without any coding or technical expertise. The cloud-based platform allows non-technical users to build their own custom business applications, while also allowing developers to extend their application through the use of integrations (via our API), plugins, and other complex functionality.
Zengine can be used to manage any project – track customers, job candidates, or more and replaces paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets, or generic software products.

Our cloud-based platform empowers any non technical business person to easily build custom business applications, while also allowing developers to extend the application through the use of integrations and other complex functionality.

Us​ing​ one of ​Zengine’s pre-configured templates (such as CRM, Project Management or Recruiting) or​​ ​the ​drag and drop form builder to create your own business application​ is easy​. ​Alternatively, i​f you already have data in a spreadsheet or other tool, simply import it into Zengine and let us build your application for you.​ ​Use it yourself or share with your team to collaborate and get things done. You’ll appreciate ​the familiar spreadsheet-like interface for viewing and editing information, along with other built in features such as tasks, file sharing, notifications, ​​and more.

Advanced features make managing a growing business easier. For instance, you can use ​Zengine’s powerful role based permissions model to filter what each user can see. Or, you may want to use ​the webform​ ​system to publish a form to your website to collect data. Or you may want to add additional forms and tie them together so you have a​ ​powerful relational database. It’s all there and all accessible without the need to code or access IT help.

Over 90% of the applications created by ​Zengine ​users can be built without any need to code or without any IT assistance. But if you need to create custom dashboards, add custom buttons to trigger complex workflows or want to integrate in real time with other systems, ​the Zengine developer tools make it easy for anyone with Java​S​cript knowledge to quickly add power and functionality to your Zengine application. Use a developer you know or tap into ​a pool of certified ​”​Zengineers​”​ to help you out!

Zengine is built by​ ​WizeHive, who has been making​ ​it easy for business people to configure and deploy cloud based solutions that help them organize, automate and streamline their business activities​ ​since 2009.​ ​As a leader in the application management space, WizeHive has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies, non-profits, universities, and foundations​ ​- including,​ ​Disney,​​ United Way, BlackBoard​,​ and Echoing Green​. WizeHive has helped them ​collect millions of online applications each year spread over thousands of application processes.

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