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VINE:  Your Chance to Tell Your Story in 6 Seconds Flat.

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Vine is a video-sharing platform, owned by Twitter. Vine is an app you can install on your smart phone to create and share beautiful looping videos. The videos are 6 seconds in length. Though short and sweet, Vine users find ultra-creative ways to share their stories with the world.


The culture around Vine is built with humor. Users enjoy posting funny, silly and downright awkward videos. There’s everything from cat lovin’ to skydiving, guitar playing and practical jokes.


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The simple user interface is easy to navigate. Record your regular 6-second video or create a stop motion action video right on your phone. Recording and uploading is simple and easy. Press the screen for the duration that you’d like to record. The Vine Kelly-green bar shows your progress in recording and roughly how much time you have left. Select to upload your Vine video live when your video is ready to launch. Simple.


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Profiles are easy to set up. Add a photo, and a unique description. Conveniently connect social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to integrate and post Vine videos immediately to your other networks. Vines are rapidly growing in popularity on Twitter.


Vine is similar to other social media networks in that the user can post original content, re-post (called a re-vine) other users’ content, like, and comment on videos. Activity is seen on a feed by selecting “activity” in the menu bar. This shows who has favorite your posts, commented, re-vined and who is now following you. There are even video playlists in the website version.


Vine allows users to send personal, private video messages to other users on Vine. These messages are called “VMs” and live in the Vine navigation under “messages.”


Another Vine feature in the menu is the ability to navigate the world of Vine and find new videos to your liking. Select “explore” in the menu and select from a variety of categories: popular now, on the rise, animals, art, comedy, diy, family, food, music & dance, news, places, science & tech, sports, style. On the rise Vines are videos that are picking up speed— re-vines, views, favorites and comments—usually upwards of 20,000 likes.


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The use of hash-tags is supported in Vine, and users often use hash-tags to identify categories (for search) or to identify with a specific group or category. Trending-tags can be found at the bottom of the feed under the “explore” menu option.

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Your Tips for @Vine Social Media App #webtoolswiki

Your Tips for @Vine Social Media App #webtoolswiki

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Alternative Tools To @Vine Social Media App #webtoolswiki

Alternative Tools To @Vine Social Media App #webtoolswiki

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