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Collect Points Based On Sharing Others Content

Social media sharing has become a very important part of the online culture. Viral Content Buzz was developed by Ann Smarty. The points you receive on sharing others content are based on the size of your network.

When you’ve collected enough points (50+ is a good rule of thumb) you can then submit a post of your own. When you submit your post, an actual human will review it and approve or not. This keeps the content on VCB high quality. If submitted during a business day you’ll generally hear back later that day. The folks at VCB are pretty good about reviewing posts in a timely manner.

Viral Content Buzz has over 30 categories to choose from so all users should find a match. Right now you can share on four social networks.

Social Networks Sharing on Viral Content Buzz

1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) StumbleUpon
4) Pinterest

Sharing from VCB to these networks is fairly straightforward, however to get credit for sharing on Pinterest you must grab a code from your board to get the points. It’s just one more step. The other three are really simple.

Viral Content Buzz Dashboard

#VCBuzz Chat with ViralContentBuzz Co-Founder Gerald Weber by @seosmarty #contentmarketing #googleplus via @SlideShare

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Your tips about @ViralContentBuz VCBuzz #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your tips about @ViralContentBuz VCBuzz #webtoolswiki

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Your tips about @ViralContentBuz VCBuzz #Crowdify #GetItDone | As you earn credits by sharing, you build up a “bank”
#ViralContentBuzz #WebToolsWiki

#ViralContentBuzz #WebToolsWiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Viral Content Buzz #webtoolswiki


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