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What is Wer-kennt-wen?

Wer-kennt-wen  is a popular German social networking site. In english it is named “who knows whom”.The site was started in 2006 at the University of Koblenz and Landau. The site is now owned by the RTL Group media conglomerate. The RTL Group decided to withdraw the site’s services by the beginning of June 2014. It has been compared to Myspace by TechCrunch. According to Alexa Internet, wer-kennt-wen has a world-wide traffic rank of 959 as of July 2011 and is one of the most successful websites in Germany. The site allows users to write blogs, chat with friends and write in their guestbook.wer-kennt-wen does not have a specific target group, but is open to everybody who is older than 14 years. 9.4 million[2] users are registered. 41.7% are male and 58.3% are female. 36.7% of all users are older than 40.[5] Users can connect with everybody they know (colleagues, friends, neighbors, classmates etc.).



User profiles ,his/her home town, contact,Profile  photo, hobbies, interests etc.
the acquaintances are shown in a map of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
status updates “Was machst Du gerade?” (What are you doing right now?)

search of people, schools, clubs/associations and groups
“Neues”: stream of status updates, groups and photos of other users
calendar and events
inviting new people via email or Transaction authentication number
photo albums and tagging

reporting users or links to the customer care team of wer-kennt-wen
ignoring users

“Klassenfinder” (class finder): adding schools to the profile, classified by year
“Vereinsheim” (club house): clubs and associations

iPhone App
Android App

“Meine Seite für andere”: preview of the own profile
AusKenner: users help users
mobile website: wkw-Mobilportal (mobil.wer-kennt-wen.de)




Visit- wer-kennt-wen.de

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