How it Works

Hi and welcome. We hope you will use the search bar to search for tools you are interested in. Either by the name of the tool itself or by what it does. For example if you add “Schedule tweets” to the search bar you will get around 20 results.

The idea is that you will learn how to use many new tools that will save you time and help you do things better online. This is our way of getting everyone in the world optimizing their use of the internet.

We have a team of people working full or part time and the site is improving quickly.

We would love your thoughts and feedback on how it could be improved. We are willing to pay the going rate for designers/ web developers/ app makers etc this is my lifetimes work and we determined to make it awesome.

Please ask questions on our social media places. Live widgets and comment areas are on every page. Please also leave tips and suggest alternatives to each tool on the live widgets on every page too.

Thank you for visiting!