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Automate Your Workflow with Zapier.


Connect to your favorite web apps and automate tedious tasks easier with Zapier. 

Instead of patiently waiting for developers to offer the SaaS integrations you need or hire expensive freelance programmers to build the needed software, you can easily do it yourself with Zapier.

How does it work?

1. Make a Zap. 

A Zap is their term for a connection or integration between to apps that automates your work flow. It has a trigger and action that moves and manages your data without any work on your part. For example:

When I receive a new email in Gmail, send me an SMS message. No code needed!

Another example:

When I receive an email to my blog account, add their email to my mailing list.

2. Zapier Does the work. 

Once the Zap is made, they will run it automatically and you are free to refill your coffee. You can monitor all the activity in your dashboard, manage connected accounts and turn Zaps on and off.

3. The most important step: You save Time and Money. 

You don’t have to worry about doing those repetitive tasks and you can spend more time on the fun part of business challenges that need all your energy and focus. Bypass the middle man–the expensive developers and enjoy that coffee while your business automates itself with Zapier.


Whether you’re a part time blogger or a full time exec, Zapier has pricing options ranging from free to just $125 a month.

Learn how to make a Zap with Jaye from WebToolsWiki in the video below!



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Practice a few times

Nov 28, 2014 by Jaye Sabri
Zapier | Practice a few times

Play around with it and try it out. It's pretty cool.


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